Envelope & Letter Art - Volume 6

Dear Grateful Dead,
You have stolen my face as I have illustrated.
Thank you, Jeff Fletcher

(I look like this because I cut my hair.)
Hello, I have seen a number of shows.
The strangest thing I have seen was the
second night at Red Rocks ('83) - there
a man with a throat that looked like this.
If this person somehow sees this, please
have him get in touch so we can exchange
tapes. Sincerely J. Higgins Bailey
p.s. Here is a drawing for you:

"If you look at it right...
(Don't look in the Black Box, you'll ungestalt.)"
Pop Eustachian

Dear Grateful Dead People,
Just wanted to thank you all
for the excellent New Years Concerts
and all the other works of 1982.
We really feel that we have learned
some lessons in life with you folks;
hope we don't forget them too soon!
Anyway, thanks a lot and hope to see
you soon! With love, Lee & Alice