Newsletter No. 2 – August 1972



12 - Sacramento Civic Auditorium, Calif.
20 - San Jose Civic Auditorium, Calif.
21, 22, 24, & 25 - Berkeley Community
Theatre, Calif.
27 - Santa Barbara Bowl, Calif.
31 - Harding Theatre, San Francisco
(benefit - tentative)


1 - Fresno Civic Auditorium, Calif.
3 - Folsom Field, Boulder, Colorado
9 & 10 - Hollywood Paladium, Calif.

!! See You There !!

August 2, 1972

Dear Dead Heads:

We've formed "OUT OF TOWN TOURS" to handle all our tour business. They comprise Sam Cutler, Gail Hellund, Frances Carr and Bill "the kid" Candelario. Gail looks after the whole office scene; Sam and Frances work on the road and arrange all the business affairs of touring. Bill Candelario goes out to check on halls for acoustical properties and to make sure it's the kind of facility we'd dig to play in. We need your help.

The Grateful Dead enjoy playing in a specific kind of theatre- it's usually an older building (perhaps it's now used as a movie house) with anything from 3000 to 5000 seats. Examples of the kind of theatres we dig are the Stanley Theatre; Jersey City - The Fox Theatre; St. Louis - The Paramount Theatre; Seattle - and the Hollywood Paladium; Los Angeles.

If you know of a theatre in your area, let us know about it. Please write to us - don't telephone. We'll look into your lead and if the theatre is what we're looking for, maybe we'll be able to do a concert there.

At this moment, we are unable to accept any free concerts, benefits, or concerts in football stadiums or the like.

If you have some information for us, write to:

Gail Hellund

Thank You,

.............. AND COME HEAR THE DEAD !

The enclosed dates refer to our upcoming Western tour dates for the month of August and September that we have booked at the present time. Hopefully this will have reached you in time for you to still make a gig nearby, even though for some people it may mean driving a couple of hundred miles.
A new album is in the process of being finished, mixed, and mastered; it was recorded on our recent April and May tour of Europe, where we played in the following places:

Wembley, Newcastle, London, & the Bickershaw Festival in ENGLAND

Copenhagen, Aarhus in DENMARK

Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Rotterdam & Munich in GERMANY

Paris & Lille in FRANCE

Amsterdam in HOLLAND

and a performance LIVE over Radio Luxembourg in LUXEMBOURG to over 20 million people around the world.

It was an incredible trip for all 431/2 of us (1/2= Rudso, who was a real gem on the trip); a real experience in working, traveling, fighting, and playing together. And despite the fatigue and discomfort of riding on two large coach-like buses for what sometimes seemed like an eternity (actually only about 11/2 months....but that's plenty long enough), we all managed to survive - although some of us were a little worse for wear - and we were all really glad to get home!

At this moment we don't know whether we'll be putting out a double album or a three-record-set package. Warner Brothers objects to three disks in one package because of expected difficulty in marketing it and being that we are near the end of our contract with Warner Brothers, we may find ourselves having to put out first a double album and later a single disk of just "space music." The newest release date for the album is now somewhere around the middle of October.

Mickey Hart's album "ROLLING THUNDER" is finally finished and has about thirty of the heaviest musicians around these days playing on it. It should be out within about a month we hope . . . a fine album indeed!

Kelly and Mouse (Grateful Dead album cover artists and two of the finest poster artists the San Francisco scene has ever had) are into a mail-order T-shirt trip called "The Monster Company" and in the near future you'll be able to obtain high quality short sleeve (long sleeve will come later) t-shirts with art work from the new Dead album and from Bob Weir's album "ACE", and who knows what else in the days thereafter. Any t-shirt order should be accompanied by a check or money order ONLY for the exact amount of purchase - $3.95 per shirt along with the size specification (small, medium, or large) and mailed to: The Monster Company, P.O. BOX 63, Mill Valley, California 94941.

We also now have a booking agency happening called Out Of Town Tours, as mentioned in the enclosed letter, to help us get it all together in a more efficient way. If you have any information that might be of help regarding halls and places to play please let them know.

For those of you that are able to attend any of the upcoming gigs you may notice the Pig Pen isn't on stage. He's still with us, but he's presently recovering from another bout with illness, but he'll be back on the road shortly we expect and working on his own album as well.

A songbook is still on it's way but the release date seems to get pushed back more and more . . . but we'll let you know when it's out.

Take care, stay high, and we hope to see you soon,