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Volume 2., October 1996

From: Keith Swanson
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996

dear dead people,

just wanted to say hi.

eleven years ago my son was born oct 26,1985. you guys played tampa florida sundome univ of south fla. i missed the show but got a wonderful son in return. still have the whole ticket tho. one year later i sent you a letter inviting jerry and the boys to a southern barbeque when they came back to st petersburg fla to play again.
never heard from you do you still have the letter eileen?

so eleven years later and we're still trucking. i quess once part of the tribe always part of the tribe. thanks for all the wonderful years of pleasure. just keep the music rolling all the new cds are great. the world is a better place because of the dead heads keep alive

keith swanson

Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996
From: bendel
Subject: Adam Katz

I write editorials for a New Jersey daily. All these years after the killing of Adam Katz at a Dead concert in 1989 and the goon behavior of Meadowlands guards revealed in an ensuing grand jury presentment, the politically connected people at the top of the NJ authority responsible for those horrible incidents are still in place, without so much as a negative comment in their personnel files. I screamed on the editorial page of the Herald & News until we were the only paper in New Jersey even paying attention, until colleagues began to look at me funny. When authority chief Robert Mulcahy, the guy who should have paid for the abuse of Dead fans with his job at the very least, righteously criticized football fans for throwing snowballs at the Giant Stadium last year, I took the opportunity to scream some more. No one seems to care.

The Katz civil case was reportedly settled two years ago for an amount somewhat under $1 million, but part of the settlement apparently was silence. No one will talk about it. But while Katz's father isn't talking to the press, he has revived the search for information about his son's death and abuse by Meadowlands guards. I would like to write about this new development to keep the issue alive, but I can't unless someone will talk to me. Anyone who has information or insight into the Katz case and/or this renewed serach for information, please e-mail me at or -- John Bendel

Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996
From: Karen Sysol

For what it's worth this Dead Head was really happy to see another addition to the Deadfile archive. As far as I'm concerned you could publish all the correspondences received over the years in volumes (sort of like Dick's Picks) and I'd buy them!! I just wanted to say that, as all our Dead Head ramblings are close to your heart, Eileen, so are thoughts of all you did for us close to my heart. I realize it doesn't pay the rent but I know I'll never forget my dealings with Dead Heads, GDTS, etc. Sure, life goes on but it's just a little less sweet now.
Take care all.
Karen E. Sysol

Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996
From: redtail
Subject: Thanks, and some memories....

Good Folks-

It has been too painful for me to visit the site much, or even to
listen to my tapes for the first year or so, but I started checking in around the date of Jerry's death, and Hunter helped me through a few dismal weeks. Now I'm sniffing around to see what's going on, and I'm so grateful, Eileen, that you're still here. I find myself thinking about Rose, in the ticket office. She gave me one of my best memories- and a great example of how our thing works. Sometime in the early eighties, I missed out on a drawing, and didn't get a ticket for a Kaiser show. I got a flyer with the notification asking for feedback about the process, and suggesting that compliments were acceptable, as well as criticism. I impulsively, and with nothing but love in my heart, fired off a note to the crew, thanking them for their work, whether I got a ticket this time or not. A few days later, the phone rang, and a tough sounding woman, with a baritone voice asked if I was Buffalo. When I said yes, she said there would be a ticket at the willcall window for me. I tried to protest that I hadn't been angling for a ticket, but she had no time. just repeated her message and hung up. On the night of the show, I drove down there in my splitwindow bus, and there was the ticket and there was Rose. What a great night!
Rose, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I remember you, and I
have passed on your kindness again and again. That's what being a Deadhead is about, and a Deadhead is what I was and am, because it simply means, first and foremost, being a decent kind human being. The band is gone, but that remains, as long as we remember.
Love to you all.

Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996
From: Matthew Hochstein
Subject: trading boots

Dear fellow deadheads,

I'm looking for anybody who wants to trade bootlegs. I'm just starting out but I have a nice collection and I want to begin to expand. Just email me at If anyone who is interested could get back to me I would be grateful!


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