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23rd. Newsletter

May, 1976

Dear Deadheads,

The Grateful Dead is planning to go out for 18 gigs starting June 9th. We don't want to pack around the equipment necessary to do ultralarge productions - in plain fact, we don't want to play giant gigs at all - so we're going to book into smaller places, keep promotion way down and give you first crack at tickets.

In our experience, the bigger the production, the bigger the expense and the overall feeling is not as satisfying as a smaller scale effort.

It will be good to be back on the road, actually trying to fulfill our fantasy of playing for a mostly deadhead audience in a comfortable environment.

The band is now into full scale rehearsal, preparing new material and re-working the familiar stuff. This tour will be strictly to satisfy us and you and to find out if such a format can work. If it does, it can point the way to future tours which are a necessity for any band which wants to stay at a dynamic level musically and serve as an energy source for itself and others.

St. Dilbert

P.S. These tickets are not going to hang around, act accordingly. Limit two tickets per city per person. Use order blank on reverse side.

(Please Print) NAME_______ADDRESS______________PHONE #__________

 Music Hall *Boston, Mass. June 9 10 11 12
 Beacon Theatre New York, NY June 14 15    
 Capitol Theatre Passaic, NJ June 17 18 19  
 Tower Theatre Philadelphia, PA June 21 22 23 24
 Auditorium Theatre *Chicago, Ill. June 26 27 28  
 Syria Mosque *Pittsburgh, PA June 30 July 1    

Please send me (circle) 1 or 2 tickets for the Grateful Dead at:

(Circle One) $8.50 $7.50 ($6.50* Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh)

Handling Chgs. $ 0..50

I will accept the best available ticket price and/or a different date if my choice is not available YES_____NO____

MAIL CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER (include 50 cents handling charge) PAYABLE TO:

P.O. Box 224

ENCLOSE self-addressed stamped envelope.
MUST BE POSTMARKED BY: May 12, 1976 (Boston, New York, New Jersey, Pa.)
MUST BE POSTMARKED BY: May 19, 1976 (Chicago, Pittsburgh, only)

When returning form, please print name of hall on outside of envelope:

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