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1972 and 1973 LETTERS

February 9, 1972

P. 0. Box 1065
San Rafael, California 94901

Buenos Dias & Salutations, Muthas:


1. James Applewhite

2. Washington, D.C.

3. Very stoned, thank you.

It took the fine ROLLING STONE interview with Jerry Garcia to get it on enough to respond to the call UNITE! Uh ... keep on Truckin'.

What happens now?

Dear "Dead" folks,

I hearby volunteer my humble services for the legions of the "Dead" in their noble task to free the ship of artistic freedom from moorings of the large corporate hydra am full prepared to lay clown the life of the leather of my soles, the use of my three good eyes, and the vibrations of myinner ear to the attainment of the ever elusive "far out". If their is something I and the rest of the "Dead" folk in the area, can do in the way of gathering local and/or regional market information Please send along some guidelines as to what information you will need for this purpose, and what we out here in the weeds can do to furthur the whole trip. It will he a -pleasure to work for someone with an idea worth beleiving in.

The sudden introduction of horns to the Providence R.I. stage was a mad, intrepid trip into what I would consider the farest reaches of the far out. Visions of burning madness of beat poets the beat writer, and madmen sweating, screaming hosanas of yases to the squirling screech of a plastic axe .... The new album should clear all this up.

Well, until our energies cross again this staid Yankee spirit bids all, a fond adieu.

Jim Faulkner
West Springfield, Mass
Sept. 20, 1973


Dear sirs.

Again I write too you, and ask for information. What I whont to knowe is, are ther any plans about European tour in 1979.

If ther is such plans, I whould like to give you information about a city in the city of Copenhagen Denmark.
When the light of the Psychedelic wave was fadet, another light was born, ll.Oct.1971 in Copenhagen.
About l00 pepole moved in to abandoned army camps of a
16 hect. area of land, 190 buildings, they called it
To day ther are about 1000 cityzens.
There are no laws or authority, but what you would
call your own personal-moral law.
There are few pepole who trie to make mony buisness here
prises of ewrything are kept down.
But there is the old problem, the junk.
But.., with the way that good and active chrisianer are trading that matter then I believe that the junk will be taken care of in time.

In the beginning of august ther whas a THEATER FESTIVAL IN CHRISTIANIA, with theater work conserts and danses. The conserts and danses where held in a house in Christiania called Gray Hall.

The Gray Hall takes about 3000 people and has grate posibility of a fantastic lightshow. The most respectet bands in Denmark have alll performed ther.

Maybe you knowe all what I'w been whriting about and yet have none interestatt all about Christiania.
But for me it's a beginning of somthing good.
I live there...

Magnus S. Gudmundsson.
Reykjavik, Iceland.



Ah, so Our Boys are building a record . . . conspiring to raise the level of bossness. This deadhead is willing to help, what must be done?

Bruce McDowell
Fresno, CA

Dear Dead,

Am a great fan of yours and therefore interested in latest developments in the way of albums and concerts. I missed the concert here (Chicago) several months ago; but with adequate warning next time I'll have sufficient 'room to move' to connive, rip-off, forge, or even purchase (hah!) tickets.

Europe '72 must be pretty close to the real thing. At any rate, for my money it's far and away the best album to date; with Live/Dead running a close second.

Being an astrologer, I would like to see, assuming you don't already, albums cut in the studio and in concert on days that are astrologically auspicious. Consult an astrologer (there are more in California than anywhere in the U.S.), and have him, according to the charts of each individual and that of the Group, erect a chart for specific days that will enrich the quality of the music; the artistic or aesthetic creativity; the level of communication with the audience; even to blend most naturally with nature according to the specific season and locale. Jimi Hendrix was into doing many experiments of this nature and came up with some interesting results: such as the concert in the crater of the volcano on Mauii where he had the audience seated on the inner slopes of the crater (him being at the bottom in the center) in twelve sections, according to their astrological Sun-signs. Having a good knowledge of astrology, he was able to direct highly- individualized music to each section, besides working metaphysically with the vibes.

As I said, I would be interested to hear what the group is currently doing, as well as being glad to have offered any useful advice. Hari Om Tat Sat. Namaste.

Kim Frankel
Skokie, Ill.
July 14,1973


Dear Dead Heads,

About Urobouros: Your graphic representation of the beast shows "greater demand" as it's main resource. I feel that It's your music that is your only ultimate control on such demand, so to a high degree you're reaping what you've sown; e.g. If turning on lots of people Is your trip, large halls and numerous gigs are pretty darn Inevitable. From what I've seen, the band plays the stuff it likes and isn't swayed much by "popular" opinion. I'd never call your music "popular" in a qualitative sense. If you just keep the music true to yourselves, the crowds will sift out appropriately. Right now I think you're in the process of living down a big name in association with the Fillmores or something like that.

Caught your Portland concert and was extremely pleased. That new sound system is superb! It has a tonal purity I've never heard before. But I wouldn't mind seeing some. more of those pretty psychedelic grill cloths on the speakers. That "Dark Star" was incredible., and the way the crowd was handled during the performance was sensitively effective.

I wish you did more gigs here in the the west. and less back east. But I suppose you've got your own good reasons for playing there that often (but I feel compelled to say that I can't thing of too many good ones).

David Andrews
Eugene. Ore



Dear Alan,

Thank you for your letter of February
28, 1973.

I am writing to you because of my deep Interest In your endeavor to create an independent "thinking" and functioning people enterprise which will have karma in the strains of the men who represent it. My Interpretation of the "Grateful Dead" is that they are a medium of message and a promise for tomorrow fulfilled not narrowed Into a cell of commercialism but a prolific body that has in simplicity - a meaning.

Presently, I am working for a large London music firm called Shapiros Bernotein & Co.i Ltd. They have excellent master/recordings which culminate into a spectrum of diversified talent. My contract with Shapirop Bernstein does not state I'm exclusively bound as their professional manager. I would like to let you know that I am definitely Interested In a regional promotion and sales position with your company as soon as the opportunity becomes available. Alan, 1 hope this materializes.

Your sincerely,
Mr. Paul A. Miller
Northlakes, Illinois
5, 1973


Dear Dead Head Head,

It was a really great week of concerts, and everyone was beautiful. We have gained so much, and I can see how our consciousness has changed. The lyrics become a philosophy of life, the songs animated by our memories. Such a long, long time to be gone, and a short time to be there. We eagerly await their return. If possible, I would really appreciate being placed on a list which would Inform me of Dead happenings. Thanks.

If you need It, then believe it.

Larry Model
West Orange, New Jersey


"Lo, for the Honors, cold Neglect instead!
For Respite, disputatious Heirs a bed
Of Thorns for them will furnish. Go,
Seek not Here for Peace - but Yonder - with the Dead.
- Mark Twain

Put us on the list, and keep us well-informed, and in tune with the lastest of news. &c.

Doug and Ann Allaire
Los Angeles

All thanks.


The Grateful Dead

Behold above all else the Grateful Dead,
The Energy of Freedom unconfined,
Combining Body, Spirit, Heart and Mind
With Love that Is our Wine and Joy our Bread.
In Paths where even Angels fear to tread,
These Great Souls are the vanguards of Mankind,
Divining what has never been Divined,
And Marrying what never has been Wed.
True Alchemists are they and all their Clan,
Fit Residents of Tolkien's Middle Earth,
The Brightest Glory Earth has ever known.
These Souls live out the Myth of Ea,
With Human Nature as their highest Throne.



How am I? : This is a question I often find myself asking myself, and it is so I cannot say that there is an answer I can give. One doesn't know whether to laugh or to cry really, which is funny in itself. How am I going to do it? But I do somehow, and so it goes on. Like the story of the Irish Kamikaze pilot who flew on 6 missions ..... The very paradox of every paradox is an infinite paradox. It is all like a joke that you tell, which isn't a joke, which makes everybody laugh and then, uh? Laugh first, think later.

Yours superfluously,
Martin (Rabbit)

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