Congratulations to our Fabulous Envelope Contest Winners:

Friday's ticket (7/3/15): Chelsea Elliott
Saturday's ticket (7/4/15): Matthew & Jill Silvia
Sunday's ticket (7/5/15): Lois Radtke & Judea Star
Winner envelope photos by Jay Blakesberg


50th Logo on the rear of ticket and best of "On Line": Jessica Muessen

Field Museum Promo: Karl & Kristen Andersen


fractal line

Pinard Envelope

Brybach Envelope

70,000 pieces of mail
20,000 pieces of "Fabulous Envelope Art"

GD50th Mail January 2015

GD50th Feb Mail


Sorting Hat

Sorting Hat

The Altar

GD50th GDTS TOO Altar

GDTS TOO 50th Crew processing orders

GDTS TOO 50th crew


GDTS TOO ticket office periapt, Poppet, helping out.

Filed 3x5 index cards added up to
$90,000,000.00 in money orders
Cards in the green boxes received tickets

GD 50th Tickets

GD 50th tickets

The Chicago Field Musuem Stanley Mouse Banners

Field Museum Banners

Fabulous Art Envelopes Exhibit In Progress at the Field Musuem in Chicago, IL

Fabulous Envelope display at the Field Museum in progess
Katherine Marshall

Fabulous Envelope exhibit at the Field Museum

Fabulous Envelope at The Field Museum



Fabulous Envelope at The Field Museum

Fabulous Envelope Exhibit at The Field Museum

Fabulous Envelopes on display at The Field Museum in Chicago, IL.

envelopes at the Field Museum

ticketGD50th July 3, 4, 5, 2015 Soldier Field Chicago, IL

GD50th show

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