August, 1972

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(The Third Newsletter had the same artwork surrounding the tour schedule
as the Second . The 'pointelist' artwork in the newsletters
was mostly the work of Mary Anne Meyer.)



15 & 16 - Music Hall
Boston, Massachusetts
17 - Baltimore Civic Auditorium
Baltimore, Maryland
21 - Spectrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
23 & 24 - Palace Theatre
Waterbury, Connecticut
26, 27, & 28 - Stanley Theatre
Jersey City, New Jersey
30 - American University
Washington D.C.

*!* See You There *!*

. . . . . . . . . . AND COME HEAR THE DEAD !

The enclosed dates refer to our approaching East Coast Tour during the month of September, 1972. Hopefully none of these dates will be canceled at the last minute due to unfavorable circumstances; although it might be wise for you to check and make sure the gig is still happening on the appointed date - - - as last minute changes do occasionally occur, and it would definitely be drag to travel a long way and find a concert had been canceled.
The final touches on our new album - - - a triple record set - - - are almost completed, and the album is due to be released around October 15. All our European concert dates were recorded, from which we have selected the following tunes for the album; also mentioned are the particular per-formances from which they were taken:

Cumberland Blues - Empire Pool in Wembley, London, England
He's Gone - Concert Gebouw in Amsterdam, Holland
One More Saturday Night - Lyceum in London
Jack Straw - Olympia Theatre in Paris, France
You Win Again - Lyceum
China Cat Sunflower - Olympia Theatre
Brown Eyed Women - Tivoli Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark
It Hurts Me Too - Lyceum
Ramblin Rose - Lyceum
Sugar Magnolia - Olympia Theatre
Mister Chollie - Lyceum
Tennessee Jed - Olympia Theatre
Mornin' Dew - Lyceum
Truckin' - Lyceum

We also played in a number of other places throughout Europe such as: Newcastle and the Bickershaw Festival in England, Aarhus in Denmark, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Rotterdam, and Munich in Germany, Lille in France, and a live broadcast over Radio Luxembourg in Luxembourg to over twenty million people all over the world.
Speaking of albums, Mickey Hart's album "ROLLING THUNDER" is finally finished after a year and a half's work and is due to be released in the first part of September. It features Mickey as well as at least thirty of the heaviest musicians around these days . . . really a fine album!
Kelly and Mouse (Grateful Dead album cover artists) are now into a mail-order T-shirt trip called "The Monster Company" and in the near future it will be possible to obtain high quality short sleeve (long sleeve may come later) t-shirts with art work from the new Dead album. There will be a mail-order coupon for these in the new album and any order should be accompanied by a check or money order for the amount of purchase - $3.95 per shirt, plus a 30¢ handling fee for orders within the U.S. and a 50¢ fee for foreign orders. The size specification should also be included (small, medium, or large) and mailed to: The Monster Company, P.O. Box 63, Mill Valley, California, 94941. In many cases it may take up to four weeks for delivery.
A Grateful Dead Songbook is still on it's way; the publishing date is estimated sometime late in November. A mail-order coupon for the songbook will be included in the newsletter at the end of the year. It's sure to be a very beautiful and original songbook, complete with hand-written music and full page color illustrations.
For those of you that are able to attend any of the upcoming gigs you may notice that Pig Pen isn't on stage. He's still with us for sure, but he's home resting and recovering and we expect he'll be back on the road by the beginning of next year and probably working on his own album as well.
We also now have a booking agency happening called Out Of Town Tours, as mentioned in the enclosed letter, with the hopes that it will make our whole road scene much tighter and more efficient. If you have any information that might be of help regarding halls and places to play please let them know.
It's almost time for us to hit the road again and with that in mind
take care, stay high, and we hope to see you soon.


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