5th. NEWSLETTER,1973

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Now that we've got a moment to stand
what have we got
do we like it or not?
Kindly King of Light will explain the fine details
in the long run
but for the short run
the usual ambition, greed and just a touch
of goodwill
we put what faith we can muster there
not much and not often
but not Never, this far.
We build a way to get time
We build a way to grab on to chunks of it,
choke on it but would not spit it out
when so much effort has gone into getting
the damned thing half swallowed
(cf: Amoeba That Ate the World by Lefty Lamont)
One day perhaps all ambition will subside
leaving only eternity
pipers poets killers and men of state
in one drunken reel
given enough microphones of right impedence
we will record it
thanks for supporting us

Robert Hunter


Municipal Auditorium

Oklahoma City Music Hall

Century Z Theatre
Hofheinz Pavillion

Municipal Auditorium

Dallas Memorial Auditorium

San Antonio Civic Auditorium



High again and greetings from sometimes sunny California! We have enclosed an itinerary of our approaching November tour of the South and Mid-west in hopes that you might get a chance to hear some 'Good Ole Grateful Dead'. Hopefully this information will reach you before we've already come and gone. We regret that we can't send them earlier but last minute changes keep us changing the schedule up until it's almost time to leave on tour. Be-fore driving any long distances for a gig it's a good idea to always check to make sure the gig's still happening . . . otherwise you may find yourself the center of attraction in an empty parking lot in some town miles away from home !

Our new album "GRATEFUL DEAD EUROPE '72" is finally due to be released on November 5. It's a three-record-set with a photographic booklet of candid shots from our whirlwind European tour in April and May of this year. The following are the tunes on the album, recorded live at our performances in London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Copenhagen:

Cumberland Blues - Empire Pool in Wembley, London, England
He's Gone - Concert Gebouw in Amsterdam, Holland
One More Saturday Night - Lyceum in London, England
Jack Straw - Olympia Theatre in Paris, France
You Win Again - Lyceum
China Cat Sunflower - Olympia Theatre
Brown Eyed Women - Tivoli Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark
It Hurts me Too - Lyceum
Ramblin' Rose - Lyceum
Sugar Magnolia - Olympia Theatre
Mister Chollie - Lyceum
Tennessee Jed - Olympia Theatre
Mornin' Dew - Lyceum
Truckin' - Lyceum

Our songbook that we've been talking about for months is nearing completion . . . it will contain lyrics and sheet music and full page illustrations both in full color and black and white to each tune in AMERICAN BEAUTY and WORKINGMAN'S DEAD. We hope to have it ready before the end of the year, but however long it takes it's a songbook well worth waiting for.

Mickey Hart's album ROLLING THUNDER is out now and has some very fine music happening, expressing the talent of a large number of well known musicians of the San Francisco scene . . . members of the Dead included.

We also now have a booking agency working with us called Out Of Town Tours, in the hopes of making our whole road scene operate smoother and more efficiently. Any information or questions regarding bookings or gigs should be referred to Sam Cutler or Gail Hellund at Out Of Town Tours, 1330 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 204, San Rafael, California, 94901.

Pigpen is still in the band, but he's at home resting and getting his health back together; we expect to see him back on the road with us sometime in the beginning of next year. In the meantime he's been working on material for his own album which we hope to hear sometime later next year . . . maybe!

For those of you who sent money for T-shirts to Kumquat Mae and never received one . . . no one's trying to burn you! Your order will be filled. There were unexpected problems with the people printing the shirts in Oregon, and consequently they were asked to stop their production. The Monster Company (Kelly and Mouse) are now handling the printing and distribution of Grateful Dead T-shirts . . . the Europe '72 album designs and soon the old skull and roses design. From now on there shouldn't be any more problems with deliveries, so please be as patient as you can.

We'll be in touch again, so take care and by all means stay high, and we hope to see you soon.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving
The Grateful Dead

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