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6th. NEWSLETTER,1972

from all of us to all of you

The Grateful Dead are home for awhile playing for the San Francisco scene, which includes another incredible New Years celebration scheduled for Winterland in San Francisco; however all of the tickets were sold within an hour after they went on sale. A definite tour schedule for next year is still sketchy but this much information we can relay: in January the band is taking time off from being on the road; in February a Mid-west tour is planned; for March there is energy directed towards an East-coast tour; April has foreshadows of work in the studio on a new album; and in July there are very vague plans for a possible European tour, but there are no details available at this time regarding tour dates.

Our Dead Heads operation may seem grossly inefficient and slow for those of you sending in your name expecting something back immediately. We have about 20,000 names on our list to keep in touch with and it's financially impossible for us to send out more than two newsletters a year to everyone and maybe one or two itineraries depending on where you live and if we're heading in your direction. We are able to only send itinerearies to the states and surrounding states of the scheduled gigs. Due to a lack of complete and correct information very far in advance of the gigs we send the itineraries late rather than not at all with the hopes that if you miss a gig in your own city or state you still might be able to make a show close by.

We've received many requests for information regarding tickets for Dead gigs; information should be sought through the promoter or the hall where the show is being staged. We are in no way involved with the sale of tickets.

We've also received numerous letters requesting information about where to get t-shirts; for those interested The Monster Company at P.O. Box 63, Mill Valley, California, 94941 is doing a mail order t-shirt trip (domestic orders cost $3.95 plus a 30¢ handling fee, foreign orders cost $3.95 plus a 50¢ handling fee). For those of you who ordered shirts from Kumquat Mae sometime ago......your orders will be filled, probably in late January or early February. There were unexpected problems with the printing of the shirts and consequently The Monster Company had to take over the operation......please be a little more patient. A Grateful Dead songbook (AMERICAN BEAUTY and WORKINGMAN'S DEAD sheet music, lyrics, and illustrations) is in the final stages of being completed and we expect it to be published in late January or early February. All orders that have been received will be processed once the book is finally in print. For those of you that are interested you can order one from: Ice-Nine Publishing Co. c/o M.M., 274 Brannan, San Francisco, California, 94107 at a cheaper price than buying one in a store (domestic orders are $4.95 and foreign orders should also include a 50¢ handling fee). Send cash, checks, or money orders and please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Pigpen is still recovering form his extended illness but we hope to see him back on the road the first of the year. He's been writing and working on new material for an album of his own, but there are no definite plans regarding this potential album. We have one more album to give Warner Brothers to complete our record contract. Although a definite decision has not been made regarding the contents of the album, there is talk of an archives album from old live tapes.

We hope you're all enjoying the new album as much as us......keep on boogying and we'll be back with you before long.....and by all means stay high!


Rouler truckin' j'ai change mes plaques pour de l'argent
Continue a rouler keep truckin' comme le doo-dah man
Tous ensemble - plus ou moins sur la meme ligne
Pour continuer a tirer.

Fleches de neon et enseignes intermittante dans Main Street
Chicago, New York ou Detroit, ce sont toutes les memes rues
Votre cite est typiquement impliquee dans un reve typiquement physique
Oubliez et attendez de voir de ce que demain vous apportera.

Dallas - une machine molle
Houston - trop pres de New Orleans
New York - voies et moyens
Mais elle vous empeche de dormir.

Le plupart des minets que vous rencontrez' dans la rue parle de fraternite
La plupart du temps ils restent couches en pleurant a la maison
Ils savent qu'un de ces jours ils devront se lever
Et prendre la porte pour descendre tous seuls dans la rue.

Tirer truckin' comme le doo-dah man
Qui une fois m'a dit: "Tu dois jouer avec cette main
Car parfois les cartes ne valent rien
Si tu ne les abaisses pas."

Parfois la lumiere est toute pour moi
Parfois il fait si sombre que j'y vois a peine
Dernierement l'idee m'a frappe
Que c'etait un long et etrange voyage.

Qu'est devenu la douce et gentille Jane?
Elle a perdu son eclat et elle n'est vraiment plus la meme
Elle vit de vitamine C et cocaine
Tout ce que peut dire un ami: "Quel dommage".

Rouler truckin' jusqu'a Buffalo
Je pensais qu'il faudrait murir lentement
Mais ca prend du temps on choisit l'endroit ou aller
Pour continuer a tirer.

Assis en regardent par la fenentre de l'hotel
On m'a dit que la police allait enfoncer la porte
J'aimerais dormir avant de partir en voyage
Si vous avez un mandat d'arret, il faut que je vous fasse entrer.

Coffre dand Bourbon Street
Planté - juste comme une quille
Planté - ca devient emmerdant
On ne vous lachera plus.

Tu es mort de fatigue et tu aimerais voyager
Tu es crevé de voyage et tu veux t'instaler
Je crois qu'on ne peut pas revoquer ton ame eprouver
Prends la porte, eclate et vois ce qui se passe.

Parfois la lumiere est toute pour moi
Parfois il fait si sombre que j'y vois a peine
Dernierement l'idee m'a frappe
Que c'etait un long et etrange voyage.

Rouler truckin' je rentre a la maison
Whoa whoa cherie - revenu ou je devrais etre
Chez moi pour m' asseoir et pencer mes plaies
Et recommencer a tirer.

(This French translation of Robert Hunter's lyric was ncluded in "Grateful Dead Europe '72 " albums distributed in France , Belguim, Luxembourg, and Switzerland)

Hypnocracy #6

In being something rather than about something
impersonal truth is refused
put a mirror before a mirror in imagination
and follow the stars to the sea
down, we go down
win around lose into metamorphosis
equation is mythos
nothing equals anything else
alive, we are reaching out
to no purpose
to predictably no avail

Robert Hunter


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